1962 Ford Thunderbird
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"M" Code car with factory installed 3 x 2 barrel carburetos and 10/1 compression

This is a thoroughly restored, very well documented (build sheet and 1962 Bill of Sale) and rare "M" code that has a great color combination and is ready to enjoy! Here is what Wikipedia says: " The M code for 1962 was a special engine code (VIN engine code M) which added a "tripower" or three two barrel setup to a higher compression version of the 390 engine. This engine used 406 heads as well as the same carburetors that were found on the high performance 406 powered Ford Galaxie but with a modified version of the intake manifold to allow for proper air flow under the engine. This engine boasted 345 hp (257 kW) ..."
This particular "M" code coupe remains faithful and maintains originality throughout the car with the correct materials and OEM parts when available. The engine compartment is fully detailed and equally attractive as the exterior or interior. The trunk is also nicely finished with the original trim and there is no evidence of any rust.
Here is a video test drive:
The equipment includes power windows, power steering, power brakes, swing-a-way steering wheel, leather interior trim, 4 way power driver's seat, factory tachometer, and wheel skirts.
This tri-power 345 M code runs and drives just like it looks-fantastic! The engines starts easily, pulls smoothly, has gobs of power, and steers and brakes with very little effort.
Here is what the previous owner said about this car:
" You were looking at a very rare and most likely the rarest Thunderbirds
ever built! This is a authentic, documented, true to the core 1962
Thunderbird M-Code Coupe. If purchased this particular car will come with
every single conceivable document to prove its authenticity. It will come
with its original build sheet, dealer invoice, original owners manual,
original window sticker, and anything else that you can possibly imagine.
This car is only one of two coupes ever built with the 3:10 axle rear
end. It is the only M-Code coupe ever to be delivered to New York. It is one
of only three coupes ever built with no factor A/C. It is only one of four
with the Corinthian white exterior and red vinyl interior in 1962. This car
is the second to the last coupes built on July 30th, 1962 with production
ending the very next day. This car was built so late in the 1962 production
run that it retains the original dash and door panels from the factory that
are designed for the 1963 model. Pretty amazing. Last but not least this car
retains its original dealer installed Dixco 8000 RPM tach which is the only
one known to ever exist.
Only a few of you know how rare these Thunderbirds are with this
factory option of three carburetors. Between January 1962 and January 1963
they made approximately 200 or so of these Thunderbirds in four different
body styles. Those body styles are the hardtop coupe, the roadster, the
convertible, and the Landaus Coupe. Even though the roadster might be the
most desirable of these M-Code Thunderbirds the coupe such as this one for
sale is the rarest of all four body styles. Of the 200 or so total M-Codes
ever built there is only 41 documented coupes according to the Thunderbird

Every known mechanical issue has been addressed. This is a full turnkey
vehicle with everything imaginable in working order. It runs, drives, idles,
steers, and tracks beautifully. The last one sold for almost $60,000 at
Auctions America so the asking price for this particular example is a steal.
Please come and inspect the vehicle for yourself or send an inspector. I
highly encourage it. You will not be disappointed!"

Financing with rates of 2.99% APR is available with approved credit. We can also assist in arranging delivery and independent inspections.


Engine Type
Engine Size
390 V8
Fuel Specification


Body Color
Wimbledon White
Body Style
Paint Type




Interior Color
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console
Engine Size
390 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic
Body Style

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