1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SE
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Two owner's since new, comprehensive $60k mechanical restoration in last 5 years

This gorgeous coupe is the one to buy because the consignor spent the last 5 years and $60,000 getting this car right. Here is his email to me:
"So here is the story on the car. I bought it maybe three or four years ago from the original owner in Beverly Hills. He just died one year ago. If you Google him and read his obituary, it's impressive. So I believe he was a supermarket magnate back in the 60s and 70s and ended up being extremely successful and becoming a big shot philanthropist in and around LA. He commuted to work with this car. And the only reason he gave it up was because he couldn't bend over sufficiently to get in the car anymore when I met him. I think he was 91 then.
He had it refurbished, including stripping it down, patching any rust and completely repainting the car. His intent was to give it to a grandson…it didn't work out. He said the interior is original. I just can't believe that. It's too good.
In any event, it was a crapshoot because they wouldn't allow visitors to their home prior to the sale. So I rolled the dice and got the usual consequences. Mechanically it was completely shot and eventually required rebuilding of the engine and transmission as well as the replacement of absolutely everything related to fuel and ignition. Look in the neck of the gas tank behind the rear license plate, you'll see it was removed cleaned and coated inside. From there all the way to the injectors, it was overhauled probably twice, somethings three times…like the famous mechanical fuel injection pump. That is the third one since I bought the car and the first one that operates entirely correctly. Third or fourth distributor, set of wires, etc.
Anyway, it has tortured me for the last two years that I lost the file on this car. Fortunately all the books like owners manual, radio manual, original steel identification card, service book, were too big to stick in the file so they survived properly and that is what my daughter will be dropping off for you.
I easily spent over $60,000 achieving mechanical perfection with the car. Everything functions as it is supposed to . Even the air conditioning blows cool .
Purists will also point out to you that the rear license plate is lit both by the American standard which is a light on either side and the European standard which was a light underneath. Or vice versa. But in any case both versions are there for some reason.
Last weekend I drove the car from to Santa Barbara and back. Most of the trip was at 80 or 85 miles an hour which is probably 4300 RPM. The thing just hums.
Recently a Mercedes interior expert sorted a lot of things for me like the front kick panels, removing the seats and polishing all pieces of chrome, removing the chrome door saddles, fixing underneath, then polishing and returning the saddles along with brand new rubber on both sides.
He's the kind of guy who might see the passenger kick panel was put in place with three correct screws and one incorrect screw. He can't leave that alone. His OCD requires him to correct any little detail like that. Spent $3k on him as well. I need help.
A buyer might contend that the odometer/tachometer binnacle should be wood, not leather. Not true. They changed in the middle of the year from one to the other."

This car is completely sorted and turn key and comes with the original owner's manuals and receipts for the work completed since 2016.
Clear California title, smog exempt.

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