1965 Ford Mustang
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One owner California car: The story of the car is a snapshot of So Cal in the 60

This is a restored but unmodified from new local one owner 1965 Mustang. Equipment includes 289 CID V8 engine, power steering and 3 speed automatic transmission. It is in excellent rust free condition having been restored by its original owner after 30 years of enjoyment. The owner's daughter is helping her father sell this special car and has provided this information:


I countered by complaining about Ford motor company not having a 65 Mustang for purchase without a long delay and excessive cost. It became apparent that he was more knowledgeable about Ford as he was a district sales person for Phoenix and west. When I explained I could not get the vehicle, that it was ludicrous to promoted it without having it available, it was astounding. He said, do you really want a Mustang, I said yes. He said what kind do you want. I said I wanted a 65 coupe, stick shift, regular brakes and regular steering. He said just hold your horses for a month or two and we will see what will happen.

About a month later, I got a call from a dealer in Culver City, who asked me to confirm name, rank and serial number because they had a 65 Mustang coupe waiting for me to pick it up. I went to Culver City and it was indeed there except it had power steering, auto transmission and it had power brakes. I complained to the salesperson that it wasn't what I wanted. The guy says listen buddy, do you want the car or not? I said yes. Your price will be $2500. I left it there for detailing because there were key marks around the ignition and door handle.

Through the subsequent years, the car was used in routine daily activities, such as driving to Rockwell in Anaheim, where I was an aeronautical engineer working on the Minute Man Intercontinental Ballistic Missile program, shopping, car rally. Only used for driving around town, never long distances. When the children became high school age, they used it to drive to Troy High School and Fullerton High School. Took driving tests. Took to the dealer for routine maintenance under factory warranty, then did the work myself. My kids learned how to check the oil and change a tire in that car.

As the years passed, all the children left for college and I continued to drive the car until my retirement from Rockwell in 1989. After retirement, I wanted to restore it to its original configuration and set about doing so in 1992.


I had read numerous books about Mustang restoration and thought this is no big deal. I noted the mileage on the car, which was approx. 152,000 miles. I consulted with McCoy Mills Ford in Fullerton about getting original Ford parts for the restoration. I didn't want to use after market parts. McCoy Mills advised me that would be possible in 99% of the project, which was encouraging. But I checked availability at places like Larry's Mustang in Fullerton, California Mustang, Mustang of Dallas, Mustang restoration in Redlands, and most importantly a place in Ontario, CA, who had obtained a license agreement with Ford Motor Co. to sell original Mustang parts, which I used extensively.

The restoration included total dismantlement of the engine, transmission, differential, rear end, all down to the bare bones of the frame. Then the reverse procedure started.

Engine: Placentia Auto Parts took the original engine after trying to convince me to replace with a LIKE engine. I refused because I wanted the original engine rebuilt. So the engine in the car is original and rebuilt.

Transmission: A C4 that was rebuilt by someplace in Cerritos (check). Original transmission that is rebuilt.

Rear end axle/gear box: Refurbished by a rear end group near Rose Drive and Kramer in Placentia.

Differential: I did myself with replacement parts from McCoy Mills

Body of the car: Seat upholstery, carpet was purchased from McCoy Mills and I did those myself.

Dashboard, radio, controls, Lights, chrome, grille, steering wheel: Purchased from McCoy Mills, Larry's Mustang, California Mustang and I replaced myself.

Head liner: place in Placentia installed it (no longer there)

Wheels: The original wheels looked old fashioned to me, so I purchased wheels after market wheels from auto parts store on Orangethorpe Ave in Fullerton and retained original rims.

The original paint was a serious question to me and I had inquired at paint shops in Placentia, Anaheim, and priced to paint the car was in excess of $3K and I declined. I was sitting in the driveway one day a young man approached me to paint my car and he would give me a good deal because he was just starting up. Allowed me to move that car where it was repaired for $1800.

The car was completed in 1992 took 2 years. Eventually, I wasn't able to drive the car because of my age. It was 1100 miles. Sense of accomplishment that it was done. Enjoyed the detail that dressed the car off, painting the valve covers gold and air cleaner gold, etc.

Dual manifold. When I restored the car, I decided I didn't like the placid sound of a single exhaust, so removed the manifold and installed the dual manifold and eliminated the cross over pipe.

Two features I find most interesting are the grille and the gas cap.

Grille is that one single bar with the Mustang in the center.

Gas cap because was not a standard slip turn. It's a bulky masculine looking cap.

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289 V8
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289 V8
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3 Speed Automatic
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